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Burwood House childcare - Old history, young stories

Set on the heritage site of the old ‘Ballyshanassy School’, children have been learning in our halls for over 150 years. We have newly renovated the school to continue this legacy of learning for the next generation of children, with a unique facility set on a natural playground – real trees, real grass and real bark.

Daycare Burwood House VIC

Catering to every interest

We offer a diverse range of 8 learning environments, each designed with spacious ceilings and an open plan layout. Our dedicated educators strive to provide enriching experiences tailored to every child in their care. Whether your child possesses a passion for art, engineering, construction, dance, or acting, we actively extend and nurture their interests at Burwood House Early Learning Centre.

Childcare Centre Burwood offers the best early childhood education in Victoria

Dedicated to early childhood education

Studies indicate that a significant portion, approximately 90%, of a child’s brain development takes place during the critical period between birth and five years of age. At our childcare centre in Burwood VIC, we recognize the utmost importance of our role as early childhood educators. Consequently, our programs are thoughtfully designed to align with the unique interests and developmental milestones of the children under our care. We prioritize setting achievable goals for each child and maintain open communication with their families, actively seeking their input.

Welcome to Burwood House childcare – Exciting education, lasting bonds in Burwood VIC

While early learning is undeniably crucial, we go beyond that by fostering a genuine love for learning among the children in our care. Our primary focus is to nurture their creativity and ignite their curiosity about the world, allowing them to embark on an exciting educational journey. We know how important it is to help kids create genuine friendships whilst also understanding the significance of emotional skills. At our daycare, our dedicated educators actively support these friendships, guiding children as they navigate and develop these essential abilities.

Daycare Burwood House for kids in Burwood Victoria
Burwood House Early Learning Centre features and services

Key features of Burwood House – Early learning centre

  • Comprehensive care for children aged 3 months to 5 years
  • 8 diverse and engaging learning environments
  • Natural large outdoor playground
  • Nourishing gourmet meals provided
  • Six-week rotating menu catering to various allergies, dietary requirements, and preferences
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team of educators
  • Extended operating hours from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Age-appropriate and enjoyable learning activities
  • Specialized school readiness program for preschool-aged children
  • Daily communication facilitated through multiple platforms
  • Regular monthly observations of children’s development and interests
  • Exciting incursions, including dental visits, eye sight testing, and more
  • Complimentary provision of nappies

For more info, please contact:
E: house@burwoodhouse.education
P: (03) 8657 7584

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Delight in browsing through a collection of captivating photos showcasing the splendor of Burwood House daycare. Discover our eight expansive rooms, take in the vast outdoor space, and witness the joyous moments captured during the children’s daily activities.

Locate Burwood House Childcare Centre in Burwood VIC

To ascertain the convenience of our location for your family’s needs, please refer to the map provided. We are across the road from Presbyterian Ladies’ College Melbourne, and minutes from Deakin University. We proudly serve families residing in Burwood, Burwood East, Glen Iris, Ashwood, Box Hill, Box Hill South, Blackburn South, Camberwell, Ashburton, Canterbury, and surrounding areas.

What our parents say about Burwood House child care centre

Check out our Google reviews from all our amazing families, both past and present.

I have had the opportunity to place my 20 month old son at Burwood House over the past 4 months
I can truly say the standards of the facility are stand out amazing, the staff are caring, nurturing and always place my child’s needs first. Thankyou

Russ Travers Doreiàn

After checked three child care centres, I found the best and the most suitable one here for my baby.

As an under 10 months old baby, he always need a lot of attentions and wanted to be hold all the time. The amazing Burwood House team get him likes to explore his own environment and build connection with his friends in one month. He can also change from crawling to standing smoothly and take some steps when holding a table.

The educators work more like a team, they always help each other to meet children’s needs, no matter if the children belong to their class. The director Fiona and assistant director Jemmie always play with children as well. It’s a group of people who really love and care about children.

It’s a new child care centre, you will be surprised about how big and amazing of the physical environment. The countless brand new fun toys, safety equipments, good quality nappies and good foods. How lucky the children enroll here are. Wish I did enroll my baby here earlier.

I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone in the Burwood House team. You are great. 👍

Xiaoxi Xia

Beautiful Centre. Well organised & very welcoming.

Nyma mitu

Such a beautiful centre with a lovely homely feel. Management and Eduvators are all very warm and welcoming. Feel very happy leaving my little one at Burwood House.


Meet our childcare Burwood team

Our group of incredible educators bring together years of experience and knowledge. Here you can meet our team and read about their love for early childhood education.



Burwood House Childcare Centre Director

Jo holds a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood & Primary. With a career in education spanning since 2015, she is deeply committed to fostering lifelong learning and building strong relationships.

Yehan Widjadasa

Yehan Widjadasa

Kinder Teacher

Yehan focuses on supporting the kinder children through school readiness fostering creativity and curiosity with focus on independence and self help.

Celine Li

Celine Li

Lead Educator Toddler Room

Celine is currently studying her graduate diploma in children’s services. She believes in creating an environment where each child’s unique potential is natured.

Hetvi Shah

Hetvi Shah

Lead Educator Nursery Room

Hetvi believes in fostering children’s sense of agency. She develops strong relationships with the children and families in her care. Hetvi is currently studying her Graduate diploma in early childhood.

Karin Yamasaki

Karin Yamasaki

Assistant Educator

Karin joins as as she starts her career in the early child hood industry. She is currently studying a certificate 3 traineeship.

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Answers to common questions about Burwood House daycare

Searching for a reputable child care service in Burwood can be a daunting task. To assist you in this process, we have compiled responses to frequently asked questions to simplify your decision-making.

What is included in the services provided?

Burwood House Early Learning Centre offers a 6 week rotating menu catered and delivered fresh daily by Kids Gourmet Food. We provide Nappies and wipes for each child. We provide sheets and blankets. We offer a daycare program catered to each child’s individual needs to promote school readiness. We provide easy access to online portals and resources for families in Burwood to progress their child’s development needs and daily experiences with us.

Is it possible for me to monitor my child's development?

Yes, we provide families with ongoing updates of their child’s development through monthly observations, daily reflections and developmental reports every 6 months.

How can I register my child?

During the orientation process and tour of the centre, you will be provided an enrolment pack that will provide you with everything you need to know about enrolling your child. Our friendly staff will also aide you with this process. Our online process is done online, which provides convenience to all.

Could you explain orientation and its necessity, particularly if my child has prior experience in long day care?

Orientation is a beneficial experience for all, it allows the educators to learn about your child, their routine and above all provides you and your child the comfort for preparing them for a childcare environment.

What is the procedure for signing in and out?

To sign in and sign out your child you will need to use your mobile number and individual pin created by you on our sign in iPad located in the main foyer of the centre.

Is daycare free in Victoria?

Daycare is not typically free in Victoria, however, there are government subsidies and assistance programs available to eligible families to help reduce the cost of childcare.

How do I choose the right childcare?

When selecting the right childcare for your child in Victoria, it’s essential to consider factors such as the quality of care, location, cost, staff qualifications, curriculum, facilities, and the overall philosophy of the childcare center.

What is the best age to put a child in daycare?

The optimal age to enroll a child in daycare varies depending on individual circumstances, but generally, children can benefit from the social interaction and learning opportunities provided by daycare starting from around 12 to 18 months old.