About our daycare Burwood House, core values and history in Burwood VIC

About Burwood House Childcare

Burwood House – Early Learning Centre is situated on the grounds of the historic Ballyshanassy School (old Burwood Primary School) originally opened in 1865. Our heritage early learning centre shares a rich and long history of educating young children in the Burwood community and we maintain committed to preserving this history for future generations.

At our beautifully renovated centre we seek to create unique learning spaces for children to grow, learn and explore to help them prepare for future learning.

Burwood House ensures that children ages 0 – 5 have access to age appropriate learning and experiences to meet their individual learning stages and milestones as well as their interests. Through our magnificent history we want children to learn about past stories and journey together to make new stories with us.

We are Victoria Department of Education registered child care centre located at 172 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC 3125 (entry via Ireland Street).

Our Burwood Early Learning centre core values

Burwood House is committed to ensuring all families feel welcomed from the very beginning with a thorough orientation process with our experienced educator team and centre director. We want to know each of our families, children and their individual needs. At Burwood House Early Learning we hope everyone feels welcome.

Our Minto childcare centre history

Minto childcare centre history with its old building

Dr William Redfern, one of Australia’s most distinguished Australian medical practitioners, arrived to this country over two centuries ago. He came as a convict yet rose from the depths to an honoured place in our history. He was a pioneer of Australian medicine, agriculture and husbandry, and a citizen who contributed greatly to the welfare of the early colony. He was the first medical practitioner to receive an Australian qualification, and our first teacher of medical students.

Redfern Cottage was built on a grant made to Dr Redfern in 1811 for his home. Our early learning centre seeks to honour the legacy of Dr Redfern – of the potential to rise to greatness, regardless of where one started, through perseverance and principles.

Minto child care centre history honours the legacy of Dr Redfern

The proud and rugged figure of Dr Redfern stands out in added importance as the years pass. He was rich in the attributes that men admire. He was stalwart in adversity, a helper of the weak, a spokesman for the oppressed, a great citizen, and a good doctor.

–The Life and Works of William Redfern, By Edward Ford 1953.

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Helpful information about daycare Burwood

Do you accommodate children with allergies or specific cultural/religious needs?

Our service is a Halal service. KGF also provides families with the sense of relief of having a flexible menu that caters all allergies, religious beliefs and specific cultures.

What is covered by the fees?

All meals are supplied which includes breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. We also provide all nappies and wipes for the children in our care. We also provide sheets and blankets.

When and why does orientation take place?

Orientation is a beneficial experience for all, it allows the educators to learn about your child, their routine and above all provides you and your child the comfort for preparing them for a childcare environment.

How does the enrollment process function?

After you have successfully placed your enrolment through online using our online link, you will be contacted by the director and will discuss the next steps such as your child’s first day and follow up questions.

Are your staff both skilled and experienced?

We offer a wide range of educators with many years of experience between them ensuring that each child is being supported and guided.

How many hours is free kindergarten in Victoria?

Free kindergarten programs in Victoria usually offer around 15 hours of free early childhood education per week, typically spread over 2-3 days.

Is 12 months too early for daycare?

Whether 12 months is too early for daycare depends on the child’s individual needs, the family’s circumstances, and the quality of available childcare options. Some children may adapt well to daycare at this age, while others may benefit from staying home longer.

What is the difference between early learning Centre and kindergarten?

Early learning centers and kindergartens both offer early childhood education, but they may differ in terms of the age range of children they cater to, the curriculum offered, and the hours of operation.